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It took me two years to get the piece repaired.

A while back I was concerned about the famous Henry Moore sculpture at Toronto City Hall being routinely vandalized by children who would carve their initials into the bronze.

It took me two years to get the piece repaired. I even wrote to Henry Moore himself and he warmly responded. Eventually I donated my prized Henry Moore correspondence to the Art Gallery of Ontario. They have the world’s largest collection of Henry Moore sculptures, donated by the artist himself, thanks to his friendship with then mayor, Phil Givens. In fact, it was Givens who I eventually contacted about the endless vandalism and with him being Chief of Police at the time, my complaint did not fall on deaf ears and the large-scale sculpture was quickly restored…..and beautifully, I might add.

Other prominent Toronto politicians I approached were sympathetic but never acted to save the internationally renowned sculpture. The talked the talk but never walked the walk. It was that brainwave to go after former Mayor Givens who originally negotiated with Henry Moore to bring the sculpture to Toronto that led to the piece being restored. When absolutely nothing works, it is amazing just how resourceful the human mind can be.

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